We have provided a general selection of photo's for your review that were taken on actual rig inspections on various drilling units around the world. These issues occur on every rig, everywhere , and it many times is the same concerns that reveal themselves. These photo's will be updated from time to time with new findings which we hope the viewer will find enlightening and helpful.
"Everyone Is Responsible For Safety.. If You See It, You Own It"

About Us

Global Rig Inspection Provider LLC is a limited liability company registered in the United States in New Hampshire with a global profile, and residence/office in Bangkok, Thailand. Although we are a new start up inspection company, our personal experience covers over 38 years working on marine, and land facilities in the O&G industry. I am a Coast Guard trained marine electrician which began my career during the Vietnam war in 1970. Since that time, I have worked on, or supervised operations in refineries, chemical plants, drill ships, Semi’s, tenders, barges, jack-ups, and land rigs in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, South America, Kazakhstan, China, India, and the US, as well as several years hands on as a shipyard construction supervisor/electrician. I have several years experience conducting commissioning activities on new builds, and refurbishments in many of the major shipyards around the world.

GRIP LLC is committed to providing our clients with a truthful, unbiased inspection and assessment of all relevant rig equipment, safety and environmental concerns based on all applicable codes, regulations, and worldwide generally accepted industry standards. As our policy, we maintain confidentiality with all of our customers, and deliver a full uncompromising inspection based on any deficiencies and rig condition observed at the time of the inspection. It is our intention that our clients use this information we provide to improve the services that they provide to their own clients while maintaining safety and environmental integrity on their rig.

We have developed this website to be informative, and user friendly for both our associates and our clients. Through the above log-in “terminal” our clients and associates can access their own private portal for uploading and downloading document, video’s, photo’s for easy on-line management of their reports. We try to remain current regarding Coast Guard & SOLAS advisory and any new changes that they have mandated. We have added a “Discussion Board” where we encourage the visitors to our site to leave comments on any topic that may interest them. It is an open forum, however we do ask that your comments are in good taste and professionally based for logical, fair and reasonable debate. Feel free to download anything that is available to you on the pages. The information on these pages is “not for profit”, and is offered under the fair use act for information and learning purposes.